Configure your Website
Listed below are the WebX modules we offer in addition to the standard WebX package. Feel free to configure your new WebX website by adding each module to your configuration for a final price. You can also save this configuration within your account once you are done. Each module below has a hyper link from the name of the module that allows you to read more on the module and view it's performance. Once you have created and submitted your configuration, one of our account executives will contact you with further information.
WebX Automotive E-Commerce Base Package $4950.00
Total Price
Select Description Price
  Home Page Management Tools  
Home Page "Large Image" Rotator Module $400.00
Home Page "News" Modules $400.00
Home Page "Product Specials" Module $400.00
Home Page "Web Banner" Advertising Module $750.00
Home Page Top Frame "Web Banner" - Module 1 $400.00
  Search Management Tools  
Each Drop Down is $250.00 $250.00
Make, Model, Engine, Year & Product Search Module $1250.00
Search By Brand Module $400.00
Sitemap Module $400.00
  Search Engine Optimization  
SEO Module $950.00
  Product Management Tools  
Color / Size / SKU Drop Down Menu $250.00
"More Products Like This" Module $495.00
"Page Break" Module $300.00
"Product Installation Instructions Module" $475.00
"Specials / What’s New" Module $400.00
"Up-Sell" Module for E-Commerce Checkout $495.00
"View Large Image" Thumbnail Module $400.00
CSV Uploader and CSV Downloader Module $1750.00
Dyno/Performance Charts Module $400.00
Flash Demo Module $425.00
Inventory Management and Alert Module $675.00
  Shipping Management Tools  
UPS Shipping Rate Module $500.00
UPS Tracking Module $500.00
  Client Management Tools  
"Email to a Friend" Module $350.00
Login / Register / My Account Module $400.00
Testimonials Module $400.00
  Catalog Management Tool  
Catalog Request Page $400.00
  Customer Service Management Tools  
Customer Service / Help Module $400.00
FAQ Module $375.00
  Customer Gallery Management  
"Customer Gallery" Module $575.00
  News Management  
"Press Release Editor" Module $300.00
  Dealer/Wholesale/Distributor/Vendor - Management Tools  
"Retail Dealer Order Transfer" Module $750.00
"Vendor Purchase Order - Drop Ship" Module $750.00
Dealer Locator Module $500.00
Distributor/Dealer Log-In & Sign-Up Module $975.00
WebX Affiliate Program $3500.00
  Software Management Tools for Wheel Websites  
"Wheel Color" Module $550.00
Bolt Pattern and Offset Module $600.00
Vehicle Wheel Viewer Module $3500.00
  Video File Management  
Product Editor Video Uploader: $450.00
Video Link Category Uploader: $450.00
Purchase both for only: $775.00
  Media Management  
Media Library Module $600.00
  HTML Email Campaign Manager  
HTML Email Campaign Manager $750.00
  SSL & Direct Deposit Module  
Direct Deposit Entry Module $250.00
Admark WebX SSL Secure Certificate - 1 year $599.00
Total Price