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Website Development
SEO Module

The time of having to create META Tags and Search Strings for all major search engines is over! By adding this module to your website package, our programming will automatically create META Tags, String Search Code and Standard Header Codes for your data by using all of the existing product text you have entered for all of your products and categories.

This module includes the following:

> String Search Code: Links to products and categories will have the product name or category name in the URL to increase page relevance on particular keywords.

> META tags: HTML tags will automatically be created providing search engines with various information about your site including search keywords, site description, copyright information, etc.

> Relevant HTML Page Title Coding: Admark will program the title of your pages to appear as HTML behind your website pages so that search engines may find the titles as well. These will contain the product name, category name, etc.

> Header Bold Code: The standard header1 and bold tags will be used to emphasize important search keywords on all pages.

> Alt parameter designations: Sometimes important text or keywords are displayed in images. We will use the alt parameter of image tags to tell search engines what text the image contains.

> Admark will also code the site to show the category names and product names in the code as part of the initial SEO code development.

> Link TITLE parameters will be included in SEO similar to the ALT parameter. Website will support Apache mod-rewrite search engine friendly URL's.

> With the SEO module you will have the ability to overwrite page titles, meta keywords, and meta descriptions for all products and categories directly from your product editor.
Search Engine Optimization
Description Price Order
SEO Module $950.00