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Website Development
CSV Uploader and CSV Downloader Module

This module will enable the web admin to create an Excel spreadsheet with your complete product database including product name, product description, product weight, category it pertains to, Makes, Models and Years the product is available for and all of the SKU/Part#’s associated with the product. The CSV file can be uploaded thru the merchant interface to update your product data and categories.

This tool will use a two-pass method. The first pass will read the file and check for errors. If errors are found, it will stop the upload and inform you on what needs to be fixed, otherwise it will continue to the second pass where it actually imports the entire product database into the website.

The system will support adding a product to as many categories as you like not limiting it to one category. The system will also allow you to download the most current CSV file. Therefore, any live changes that are made on the backend to any product or data will also be available for download so information is not duplicated and is maintained in an organized format. Admark will provide you with a copy of a CSV format for you to follow.

This module is ideal for clients who have their entire database in CSV format or large database applications.
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CSV Uploader and CSV Downloader Module $1750.00