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Website Development
Vehicle Wheel Viewer Module

This module allows the web admin to upload "side view" pictures of every Make, Model and Year within your website. A small link appears under each product that says: "View This Wheel on My Vehicle". When the user selects that link, the system will search the database to see if that wheel is available for the Make, Model and Year he chose. If available, the system will display that wheel on that particular vehicle. Once the vehicle comes up, there will also be thumbnail listings of every other wheel available for that particular vehicle. The user will then be able to choose one of the wheels listed under the vehicle and the system will automatically add it to the car so the user can see how that wheel looks on his car.

This module also works with the main link: Search by Vehicle. Once a user has selected Search by Vehicle, the system will bring up the Vehicle picture he chose along with all the wheels listed under the vehicle that are available for that vehicle.

Admark will build the database once using all the current Makes, Models and Years. As new models come out, the web admin will have the ability to upload new "side vehicle" pictures to keep the site current.

Please Note: Wheel pictures are not included with this module.
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Vehicle Wheel Viewer Module $3500.00