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Distributor/Dealer Log-In & Sign-Up Module

If your company has distributors or dealers, this module is perfect for your company. The Distributor Log-In module allows dealers or distributors the ability to Log-In using their account number and password to place orders online using their account. The backend module allows the web admin to offer different price level discounts to different “Main Categories and Sub-Categories” for each dealer. Once a Dealer logs-in, the system automatically takes the retail pricing on the website and converts it into the dealers discounted price you authorized on the backend.

The second portion of this module is the Distributor/Dealer Sign-Up Form. This is the form where new Distributors or Dealers can sign up with your company to become new account. A custom form with all the necessary fields and questions will be filled out by the Distributor/Dealer. Once the potential dealer submits the form, it is then saved into the dealer database module in your backend. The web admin will then have the ability to approve or decline this new Distributor/Dealer, and set the terms for the dealer (Net 10, Net 20, Net 30 or Credit Card). If approved, the system will send the Distributor an automatic email with his new account number and password along with his discounted price level structure. At that point, the Dealer is ready to buy.

This system is ideal because dealers can place all their orders online using their account number and the system will automatically invoice the dealer based on his terms. We can also set up the system to not show retail pricing on the front end and only show pricing to dealers once they log-in if needed.
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Distributor/Dealer Log-In & Sign-Up Module $975.00