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Website Development
"Retail Dealer Order Transfer" Module

If your company has problems trying to sell your products on a retail level on the web due to your distributor network or dealer policies, this module will solve that problem for you. Your company will now be able to sell products on your website at a retail level and funnel all the orders to the dealer located closest to the retail client's address who placed the order online.

When the end user purchases a product on your website, the system automatically searches for the nearest dealer and sends the dealer an automatic email of the order so he may process and fulfill the order for the client. The system then generates an automatic invoice to the dealer for that order based on the "jobber" or "wholesale" price level discount you offered for that specific dealer. The dealer will then charge the client the retail rate including his shipping costs. The dealer then logs into your website and marks the order as shipped. If you purchase our tracking module, an automatic email will also be sent to the customer with his tracking number once the dealer has marked the order as shipped and has entered the tracking number on your website.
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Description Price Order
"Retail Dealer Order Transfer" Module $750.00