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Website Development
"Vendor Purchase Order - Drop Ship" Module

If your company has vendors who drop ship product for you, this module will seamlessly integrate that process into your website. The web admin will have the ability to add vendors, vendor terms and vendor pricing per SKU/Part# specific into the backend management software. When a user orders a product from your website and the product is selected as "Drop Shipped" on the backend, the website will automatically create a "Purchase Order" for that product and email it to your vendor for automatic fulfillment.

The Purchase Order contains all the order information as well as the customer information and "Ship To" address. The order also contains the Shipping Method the client has selected during checkout. Your vendor will then fulfill the order at the end of the day and once shipped, your vendor will go online into your vendor management section and mark that order as shipped. The vendor will also be able to enter a tracking number for the order which is saved into the backend under that order number. When the vendor hits save, an automatic email notification is sent to the client and to the web admin stating that this order has been shipped with his tracking number. Therefore you always know the status of a particular order at all times. When the vendor bills your company, all you have to do is go into your backend and mark that Purchase Order as "Closed".
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"Vendor Purchase Order - Drop Ship" Module $750.00