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Website Development
WebX Dealer/Distributor Affiliate Program

How many of your dealers/distributors currently have websites? How many of them have the proper information and pictures for your company's products on their websites? How many of them have a website with backend administration allowing dealers/distributors to administer their own websites? If you answered "yes" or "many" to any of these questions, your company may qualify for the WebX Affiliate Website Program.

This is how it works...

Most dealers in the automotive industry either do not have a website or have websites which are very outdated with no backend management modules to administer their websites in order to keep their sites current. With this new system, companies will large dealer/distributor networks will now be able to profit from the program and offer an Admark E-Commerce WebX website for no money down to their dealers. Dealers will now be able to lease a website which would usually cost over $25,000.00 to develop within minutes of using the Unique Database Control Center Module. The "Database Control Center" is tied into the Admark "Dealer Log-In & Sign-Up Module". As soon as a Dealer signs up to become a dealer with your company, you will now be able to offer them a complete "Turn-Key" website with your entire line of products at the touch of a button. When a change is made in your main website or a new category or product is uploaded into your website, it automatically updates all Dealer websites throughout your network platform. This represents huge profits due to your product listing now being available and displayed on your dealer websites instantly, thus creating more dealer retail sales.


> Product Line Exposure: Your entire product line listed on all of your Dealer websites instantly with the correct image and product description in a user interface design that works with your current database of Makes, Models, Engines and Years. Note: Dealers will not be able to edit your Product line except for pricing if needed. However, they will be able to add an unlimited amount of categories and add other product lines your company may not carry using their own backend administration.

> Brand Exposure, Done Right! - Since your company will be controlling the main database using the Control Center, your brand will now be at the highest level throughout your dealer network websites.

> New Incentive Program: The WebX "Turn Key" Dealer Website Program in essence becomes a new incentive program which your company can now offer to existing dealers or new dealers wishing to sign up with your company.

> Full Control: Your company will now have full control of your dealer websites "On" or "Off" on a per dealer basis. The more control over your dealer network, the better your product offering will be and the longer your dealer relationships will last.

> Be the first! Be the first brand or company to offer this new program to your dealers. Why? Because your dealers may also sell competing brands who may want to offer this same program to their dealer network. Once your dealers have a WebX platform from another brand, your company may lose it's chance to offer this new program.

> Increase Your Profits: Offering your products throughout your Dealer Network is reason enough to say yes to this program and the fact that it will definitely increase sales for your company and dealer network throughout the internet is yet another reason. But the best benefit of all is... Now your company will make 50% of the monthly leasing profits for each Turn-Key Dealer website you turn on!
See below under Profit Sharing.

> Cross Platform Database Marketing:
Your company will now be able to manage a complete database of users throughout your dealer network which have submitted a form, placed an order, requested information, uploaded a car into a dealer gallery or any other forms that are submitted throughout your dealer network websites. This means your entire customer database located inside of your Database Control Center will be very valuable for marketing purposes. Your company will now be able to sort through all the users by Make, Model, Engine Type and Year or Region across your dealer network websites instantly. Then using our Email Database module, you can send HTML branded marketing email campaigns to all customers throughout your network that have visited your website or any of your dealer websites at the touch of a button. You will also be able to download the database in excel format for direct mail purposes.


> A $25,000 website for a low monthly fee with no money down.
> Choose from 7 different template color designs for their new website designed by Admark.
> Dealer logo uploads for the top of the website template they choose.
> Complete WebX Backend Administration Tools to administer content throughout their website except for your line of products which are controlled through your main Database Control Center. Your products will cross-platform throughout your entire dealer network instantly, therefore keeping all the websites updated with the newest and latest product information.
> Unlimited Product Capability using our online easy to use software
> Unlimited Main and Sub-Categories using our online easy to use software
> Unlimited Website Pages via Category and Product Capability Software
> Key Word/Part # Search for all products that are uploaded into website
> E-Commerce Module which works with Unlimited Product Capability software
> Order Management Software for online orders
> Automatic E-mail purchase notification to client and to your dealer
> Email Database Module - This module creates a database of all website clients that have purchased anything on your dealers website and have submitted a form through the Contact Us pages. It also allows your dealers and your company to use the database to send out mass email promotions on new products to your existing cross platform customer database.
> Web-Based E-mail Control Panel
> VeriSign Silver Secure Site - Seal of merchant authentication for secure e-commerce transactions
> High Speed Reliable Multiple T-1 Line Hosting
> Unlimited hits and transfer
> Unlimited Email Accounts including Webmail and Outlook compatibility
> 24-Hour Protect Point Intrusion Detection Firewall Surveillance
> Nightly Back-Up service of your entire database and website


Example: If your company has a Dealer Network of 500 dealers, it is safe to say that within the first year of launch, over 50% of your dealer network may sign on with the new program and possibly 85% of every new dealer that signs up with your company will also say yes to this new incentive program. Studies have shown with some of the top Brands in the industry, that 80% to 90% of Dealer Networks have signed on with similar platforms to the one offered. The monthly leasing rate for the "Turn-Key" Websites to each dealer is only $149.95 with no money down. $74.97 goes to your company and $74.97 goes to Admark. As an example, take 500 dealers and multiply them by $149.95. This equals $74,975.00 x month of revenues for profit sharing! Admark will split 50% of this profit with your company. Not only will your company be selling more product and building brand awareness throughout your dealer network, it will also profit from the program without any additional work performed by your company.


1. Must currently own a WebX website platform or hire Admark to build your new WebX brand website.

2. Provide Admark with an excel file database of your complete Dealer network for Direct Mail Marketing on the new program.

3. Invest into the Unique Database Control Center to administer the "Turn-Key" websites for your dealers at a rate of $3500.00

4. Invest into the printing costs and mail fulfillment fees for the promotional program. Contact us for more info on this item.

5. Your company or Admark can handle speaking to your dealers regarding questions on the program, or Admark can handle all of the sales calls for your company regarding the new program.


In order for your company or brand to qualify for this program, you must have at least 50 participating Dealers who would agree to the Affiliate Program.


1. Admark will develop the concept for the dealer promotional mailer, develop the text according to the modules and will also design the 16 page Direct Mail Catalog Promotion to be sent out to all of your Dealers announcing the new Affiliate Program with a Sign-Up form attached. Dealers will also be able to log-on to your website with a special form developed by Admark at no additional cost to your company.

2. Admark will purchase additional servers required to run the cross platform databases and websites for hosting purposes. Please note: Additional servers are only required when more than 75 dealers are signed up for the program. If less then 50 sign up, the websites will run on Admark shared hosting servers.

3. Admark will maintain the unlimited bandwidth hosting for all of your dealer websites included as part of the monthly leasing fee to your dealers.

4. Admark's Trouble Ticket module which allow dealers to submit tickets regarding issues with their WebX platform. Once a Trouble Ticket is issued, an automatic email will be sent to your company as well as our Tech department. Once the Ticket has been closed, all parties will be notified for tracking purposes.

5. Admark will design 7 template automotive designs and code the HTML for turn-key dealer websites.

6. Admark will handle the DNS transfer for each Dealer URL.

7. Admark will handle setting up all the email accounts for each Dealer according to their URL and manage their accounts.

As you can see, this program has been developed to maximize your company's product offering with very minimal investment. Once the Database Control Center has been programmed, within minutes the additional Dealer websites can be created. We look forward to answering any technical questions you may have.
Dealer/Wholesale/Distributor/Vendor - Management Tools
Description Price Order
WebX Affiliate Program $3500.00