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NEW! Google Product Feed CSV Downloader

Get your entire product database fed directly into Google's Product Search Database via FTP & CSV format! Now your website will have the chance to compete with some of the best organic websites in the market! This tool is great for websites containing rooted data which resides at the SKU / Part# / and Vehicle Application levels. Due to how Google's Algorithm and Crawlers work, their system cannot bypass or automatically generate the Drop Down Search menus on your website. With this new module, Google will now be able to reach every application, SKU and URL's that exists inside of the Drop Down Menu architecture. This downloader will provide Google with all of the relevant information for every single image and URL that exists within your database and website!!

Admark will create a new CSV Google Product Downloader File which will allow the web admin to download all of the data on his website in Google's CSV format and then upload it via FTP or through the Google Account System into Google's Feed with the requirements provided by Google.

The system will provide a direct relationship feed for the following data fields:

> Condition Of Product = new, used or refurbished
> Long Product Description
> ID = SKU#
> Product URL Link = For example:
> Price
> Product Name
> Brand Name
> Image Link = For example:
> Manufacturer's Part#
> Product_Type = Category Tree For Example: Performance Parts > Air Intake & Induction > Cold Air Intakes
> Shipping Weight
> Color = SKU Specific Options
> Height
> Length
> Model_Number = SKU Specific Description
> Payments Accepted

Your new CSV will be updated with the fields and data listed above.

Custom Attributes For Vehicle Data and other Important Data will be custom coded as per Google's Instructions:

Custom Data Will Include:
> Start Year
> End Year

Both of the above will be coded to add each year range in between the range as individual years separated by an underscore _ on new column.

> Make
> Model
> Engine
> Sub-Model When Applicable
> Sub-Model 2 When Applicable

Once coding above is completed, please follow steps 4 & 5 instructions found at the following link below to get started:

Please Note: Your website must already feature a CSV Downloader file for Admark to add the additional code above.

Place your order today and begin climbing your way to the top of organic Google searches!
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Google Product Feed CSV Downloader $1750.00