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Clean Green!

Clean Green!

Admark's latest website build takes us to the world of cleaning products.  This cleaning product in particular is different yet a classic.  The Hole-n-Shamee Mop cloth and microfiber cleaning pad products are practical but innovative. 

This local company approached Admark to help launch their product into the retail market. We designed the logo to match their vision of how their product line was going to be manufactured.  The outcome was a sleek but clean (pun intended) logo that mimic what their main product was.

The final stage of branding for Hole-n-Shamee was building the responsive website and tying in that clean innovative look throughout the whole site. 

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Dominating the Automotive Aftermarket

Dominating the Automotive Aftermarket

As car and racing enthusiasts ourselves, Admark has found a niche in the automotive market and we have applied our knowledge and street savvy smarts to create successful brands.  We now represent some of the biggest players in the industry. 

Part of being a successful agency for almost 20 years is knowing this market and its needs. The automotive and car aftermarket industry calls for specific branding styles and looks that help attract the right customers. Admark can help take your company in the right direction by building brand recognizable ads, catalogs and digital media.

Contact us today to find out how Admark can help your company get elevated in the industry.

Did you know...

For 10 years Admark ran one of the most successful drag racing events fans have ever attended. Drawing in over 25,000 fans and paying out one of the biggest purses in race history.  Known as the 'Super Bowl' of drag racing events, the World Ford Challenge stands as an great example of what Admark's capabilities are.  At the helm of our CEO, George Gonzalez, the event drew In hundreds of advertisers and vendors including Speed Vision and countless magazine covers. Our passion is understandably intense and so is the creativity.

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Why Logo Design is so important

Why Logo Design is so important

A logo is a company's profile, its personality and its identity.  As the foundation of your branding, having the right logo can contribute to your success.  Logos are considered one of the most powerful marketing tools.  Its easy for consumers to familiarize your brand starting with a memorable logo.

Admark knows what it takes to design and conceptualize a great logo.  Logos need to be relevant to the industry and the consumer. They need to be able to stand the test of time.  After all, your goal as a company is to be around for the long haul. Most important, a logo should be adaptable for use on a variety of of different medias like business cards and packaging.  Our expertise in logo development will help your company build the right foundation for a successful and profitable business. 

What logo will represent you.