intranet deployment, customization, Ongoing support & training.

Customer support and upgrades are a top priority at Nebhub.   

As part of your Nebhub licesning, we offer standard Q&A support and issue handling via your Help Desk.  When it comes to accelerating ROI and intranet deployment, Nebhub offers hourly support and monthly success plans to help you succeed.  Take advantage of our Nebhub team members to deploy and customize your intranet for you. 

Nebhub hourly support and success plans include phone support, intranet deployment requests, custom form creation, merchant requests, report requests, training & support.  

hourly support

4 Hours


*Per Hour

4 Hour Minimum

8 Hours


*Per Hour

8 Hour Minimum

12 hours


*Per Month

12 Hour Minimum

success plans

6 months


Per Hour

4 Hours Minimum Per Month for 6 Months

9 months


Per Hour

4 Hours Minimum Per Month for 9 Months

1 year


*Per Hour

4 Hours Minimum Per Month for 1 Year

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